We know that hunger is real for far too many people in Cambridge and North Dumfries. We see our gardens not only as a source of fresh, organic, healthy, and local food, but also as places of opportunity to gain new skills, achieve greater physical, mental, and spiritual health, and build new relationships that break down social barriers.

Our gardens don’t just feed people in our community, they feed community.

Grow-A-Row & Help Feed Your Community
Increased access to fresh food is as simple as planting one extra row. Grow-A-Row is a program operating in many Canadian communities provides gardeners the opportunity to grow a row of vegetables or fruit and to share their harvest with neighbours in need. If you would like resources on growing food for your neighbours, we would be happy to help.
Gleaning is the gathering of unharvested food from the gardens, fields and fruit trees. The Cambridge Food Bank is committed to reducing food waste and increasing the amount of fresh food we have available to our community. If you have surplus food that you would like gleaned by our garden team, contact us today.
Feed More, Waste Less
A 2019 report by Waste Reduction Canada reported that 35.5 million tonnes of food is wasted in Canada each year and 32% of that food, or 11.2 million tonnes, could have been saved. The Cambridge Food Bank’s environmental commitment includes saving as much surplus food as possible and food rescue is a key component to this work. Every week, volunteers gather in our kitchen to cook, freeze and dehydrate food that may otherwise go to waste. This food is then distributed through our food security programs.
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"We believe that access to nutritious food is a basic and fundamental human right. "

From The Cambridge Food Bank Guiding Principles

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