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Mobile Food Market Online Ordering

The Cambridge Food Bank’s Mobile Food Market now offers online commerce to shoppers with pick-ups at local community centres.

The Mobile Food Market, a beloved initiative by the Cambridge Food Bank committed to ensuring equitable access to fresh, afffordable produce, is proud to announce an expansion of its services. Building upon the success of its existing community locations and business site locations where communities and business site employees can pick up a variety of five fruits and vegetables, the Mobile Food Market is taking its mission to the next level by introducing a new commerce opportunity.

Starting April 2024, families in need of fresh produce will have the option to purchase weekly baskets online and conveniently pick them up at designated local community centres starting with the Fiddlesticks Community Centre every Thursday from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM. This innovative approach aims to provide yet another avenue for individuals and families to access affordable, nutritious food.

The Mobile Food Market is not just about providing fresh produce; it’s about connecting communities,” said Amy Slack, Operations Manager at the Cambridge Food Bank. “By offering weekly baskets for purchase online and pick-up at community centres, we’re making it easier for families to access healthy food options while also fostering economic opportunities.”

Understanding the financial constraints faced by many families, the Mobile Food Market is committed to keeping its produce affordable. Each basket costs the food bank between $10 to $15 to assemble. To ensure accessibility for all, customers are encouraged to pay a minimum of $10 per basket.

The Mobile Food Market remains open to everyone, regardless of income or background. With its new commerce opportunity and continued commitment to affordability and accessibility, the Mobile Food Market is poised to make an even greater impact on the health and well-being of our community.

Online Ordering (Opens Monday at 12 pm):Click here to pre order your produce basket and pick it up anytime between 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm on Thursdays, at Fiddlesticks Community Centre 71 Cowan Blvd, Cambridge, ON N1T 1K7.  Online ordering closes Wednesdays at 12:00 pm.

Online Pre-Order Pick Up Locations

Bright Minds, Big Hearts: Cambridge/Ayr Schools Find Ways to Tackle Childhood Hunger

Students from Cedar Creek Public School in Ayr have shown that being young doesn’t stop you from making a big difference in your community. These kids, along with others from different schools, went to the first-ever Hunger Forum by the Cambridge Food Bank in May 2023. What happened was really cool – and these students decided to do something about hunger in a special way.


At the Hunger Forum, the kids learned about how not having enough food is a big problem, especially for other kids. They figured out how to identify who needs help and learned ways to support so that no kid has to go without food. These students also had an opportunity to design and build donation bins for food.

These donation bins have made a big difference in the community as they were used during many food drives at organizations throughout the city.


Inspired by what they learned and excited to make a difference, Cedar Creek Public School decided to have their own food drive. They set a goal: donate 1,000 non-perishable food items to help the Cambridge Food Bank. The fun part? If they reached their goal, their principal would get a pie in the face!


They not only reached their goal but went beyond it, collecting more than 1,400 donations from the generous Cedar Creek PS community. It was a little messy for Principal McMath, but it was all worth it to help others.

Cedar Creek is not the only school taking action. Students from Manchester Public School also made donation bins for their food drive. Students from Central Public School also attended the Cambridge Food Bank Hunger Forum and ran a food drive collecting many of our most needed items. With more kids needing help from the food bank, it’s great to see these young minds working together to tackle the challenge.

What’s amazing is that these actions are not just helping right now; they are teaching kids about giving back. By understanding what their community needs, these young leaders are coming up with creative ways to help.


As we celebrate what Cedar Creek and many other schools are doing to fight hunger, let’s remember that you’re never too young to make a difference. It’s not just the job of grown-ups – everyone can do something to help. These kids are showing us that, one food donation at a time, we can make our community a better place.

Young Philanthropists Make a Big Impact with Their “Sweet and Sour” Lemonade Stand

In a world filled with distractions and technology, it’s truly heartwarming to witness young individuals stepping up to make a positive impact in their community. Today, we have a touching story to share with you about two inspiring kids who organized a “Sweet and Sour” fundraiser to support the Cambridge Food Bank.

The Beginning of Something Beautiful

Meet two young siblings with big hearts and even bigger dreams. Their journey to becoming community heroes began when they stumbled upon a brochure at their local bank. The brochure highlighted the work of the Cambridge Food Bank, and our commitment to providing food and support to those in need.

Moved by the cause they were determined to find a way to contribute and support their community.

The “Sweet and Sour” Bake Sale Bonanza

They set to work, baking delicious cookies with the perfect balance of sweet and sour, and whipping up lemonade that tantalized taste buds with its tangy delight. 

The day of the bake sale arrived, and they set up a colourful booth, proudly displaying a sign that read “Sweet and Sour Sales” along with a menu of items.  Their energy and enthusiasm were contagious, drawing neighbours and passersby to check out their unique treats.

Surpassing All Expectations

Neighbors, friends, and even strangers lined up to support their fundraiser.

Their genuine passion and the cause they were supporting resonated with people. Their enthusiasm was infectious, and it wasn’t long before they had surpassed their initial fundraising goal.

A Big Round of Applause 

Their hard work and dedication paid off in a big way. They raised an impressive $253 for the Cambridge Food Bank! Their contribution will help provide food and support to families in their community who are in need.

Their story reminds us all that making a positive impact doesn’t require grand gestures or huge resources. It can start with a simple, creative idea like their “Sweet and Sour” bake sale and a big heart.

A Heartwarming Birthday Gesture: Spreading Love from Canada to India

Birthdays are a time for celebration, joy, and expressing love for the special people in our lives. They’re an opportunity to make our loved ones feel cherished and appreciated. However, what if you could turn your birthday celebration into something that not only brings happiness to the recipient but also makes a positive impact on the lives of others?

In this heartwarming story, we introduce you to an incredible individual who did just that. Despite the physical distance separating him from his girlfriend in India, he found a beautiful way to celebrate her birthday while giving back to the community. This is a tale of love, kindness, and the power of making a difference.

The Heartfelt Plan

Inspired by the spirit of giving, he came up with a thoughtful plan. Instead of traditional birthday gifts, he decided to purchase food supplies and donate them to the Cambridge Food Bank. 

The Impact

His donation to the Cambridge Food Bank made a difference in the lives of those struggling in his local community. It provided much-needed food supplies to those in need, especially during these challenging times when the world was grappling with the effects of inflation.

Conclusion: Spreading Love and Kindness

This heartwarming birthday gesture serves as a reminder that celebrations can be meaningful not just for the person being celebrated but for the community at large. It shows that distance is no barrier to love, and even small acts of kindness can have a ripple effect, touching the lives of many.

So, the next time you’re planning a birthday celebration or a special occasion, consider how you can make it more meaningful by giving back to your community or by spreading love and kindness to those who need it the most. In doing so, you’ll not only make the day memorable but also make the world a better place—one act of kindness at a time.

Sipping Lemonade for a Cause: Two Young Heroes Making a Big Difference

In the heart of our community, two extraordinary young people decided to set up a lemonade stand, and the results were heartwarming. In a world that often seems to be in a hurry, it’s refreshing to see young minds embracing the spirit of giving back. These young philanthropists managed to blend their entrepreneurial spirit with their compassion for others, creating a sweet success story that inspires us all.

The Lemonade Stand That Touched Hearts 

With a lemonade stand decorated with a colourful hand made poster and the aroma of freshly squeezed lemons, these two incredible children embarked on a mission to make a difference. What makes their story truly exceptional is what they chose to do with the proceeds from their lemonade sales.

Out of the $100 they earned, they decided to generously donate $50 to the Cambridge Food Bank. This act of generosity wasn’t just a drop in the bucket; it was a ripple that would create a wave of positive change in the community.

A Deeper Commitment to Community 

These young philanthropists didn’t just donate money; they symbolized a deep commitment to ensuring that families in our community have access to food. In an era where headlines can often focus on negative news, their selflessness reminds us that kindness and compassion are alive and well.

Their gesture speaks volumes about their understanding of community support and the value of giving back. They remind us that it doesn’t matter how old you are; anyone can make a positive impact.

Their story serves as a reminder that even the smallest of actions can create a world of difference.

Baking for a Cause: The Story of the Cambridge Food Bank’s Food Rescue Program and Their Amazing Preserves and Baked Goods

Our Story

At the Cambridge Food Bank, a remarkable transformation takes place. What starts as rescued produce needing a second chance turns into delicious preserves that not only sustain our participants year-round but also generate vital funds for our cause. In this blog post, we had the pleasure of speaking with Vi, the Food Rescue Coordinator, who shared the inspiring story behind the Cambridge Food Bank’s venture into the world of preserves.

Rescuing and Creating

Using fruits and vegetables, Vi and her team carefully handcraft a variety of mouthwatering jams, sauces, and relishes. By preserving these flavours, they not only prevent waste but also create products that capture the essence of seasonal abundance. Each jar tells a story of generosity, sustainability, and culinary delight. 

Seasonal Abudance

With an abundance of carrots, apples, pears, and other seasonal produce pouring in, Vi worked her magic, turning them into delectable sauces, jams, and relishes. From the mouthwatering carrot cake jam to the tangy dill pickles, the Cambridge Food Bank preserves became a testament to Vi’s culinary skills and resourcefulness.

Embracing Change and Learning

Making preserves dates back to 1795.  With changing regulations and advancements in preservation techniques, Vi embraces the opportunity to expand her knowledge. She’s learned the importance of maintaining proper temperatures, following correct procedures, and adapting recipes to suit modern standards and different produce characteristics.

The Sweet Taste of Success

The pride that Vi takes in her preserves comes from the joy she experiences when receiving positive feedback. The absence of additives in Cambridge Food Bank preserves ensures a healthier alternative for consumers. Vi’s commitment to creating natural, wholesome products stems from her desire to provide her own children with additive-free options and inspired her to master the art of homemade cooking.

Looking Ahead

Vi’s future interests lie in pressure canning, allowing her to explore new avenues and expand the Cambridge Food Bank’s preserves collection. She emphasizes the importance of understanding consumer preferences and ensuring food safety. By actively seeking feedback and conducting taste tests, Vi believes that the Cambridge Food Bank can continue to grow in popularity.

Heartwarming Stories and Shared Culture

Vi’s dedication to her work has fostered a sense of community among the volunteers. Through sharing knowledge and experiences, cultural differences have been embraced, bringing people closer together. The volunteers, eager to make a difference, leave the kitchen with a sense of fulfillment and return time and time again.

A Legacy of Compassion

When envisioning the future, Vi emphasizes the Cambridge Food Bank’s longstanding history and the commitment of its volunteers. Since her involvement in 1988, Vi’s family has played a vital role in supporting the organization. Looking ahead, she hopes that new volunteers will be welcomed with open arms, carrying forward the knowledge and passion for feeding those in need.


Vi’s journey at the Cambridge Food Bank exemplifies the power of resourcefulness, creativity, and compassion.  With each jar sold, the Cambridge Food Bank preserves continue to sustain participants, generate funds for programming, and remind us of the impact that a simple act of kindness can have on a community.