What Is the Mobile Food Market?

Much like it sounds, the Mobile Food Market is a fresh produce market on wheels. The goal is to increase access to fresh food, at an affordable cost, for households across Cambridge and North Dumfries. The Mobile Food Market makes it easier for people to get the healthy food they need. 


Who Can Shop?

Everyone is welcome to shop at the Market. There is no pre-registration. The market is open to anyone who would benefit from getting more access to fresh, healthy food at a cost they can afford. 


How Much Does it cost?

Each week a selection of food will be available for a flat rate of $5. Those who can or wish to pay more can do so in order to support those who are living on a low income. The type and amount of food available at each pick up will vary but there will be a minimum of 4 varieties of produce with 4 servings of each offered each week. 


What Can Be Purchased at the Market?

The Market will feature a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and a small selection of dried goods such as rice, beans, and some non perishable items. The produce available will be based on what is currently in season. Every effort will be made to source local food but some imported food may be offered based on requests of Market shoppers. We will take into account the needs and preferences of those who are shopping at the Market and make every effort to source food that meets cultural and dietary needs. 


Local Farmers

Through the generous support of our community, the Cambridge Food Bank has invested in several local farmers who are growing food specifically for the Market. We believe that investing in the community, the people we serve, and our environment will lead to better lives. 

Location & Hours

Tuesday – Forward Church, 55 Franklin Blvd. 10:30am-12pm

Wednesday – Ayr Knox Church, 92 Northumberland St. 10:30am -11:30am

Wednesday – Preston Heights, 350 Linden Dr. 1pm – 2:00pm

Thursday – Langs, 1145 Concession Rd. 10:30am – 11:30am

Thursday – Temple Baptist Church, 400 Holiday Inn Dr. 1pm – 2pm

Friday – Cambridge Muslim Society, 282 Elgin St North  10am – 11:00am

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$5  |  Cash Only

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