1. What is the minimum age requirement to volunteer?
    • 15 years old with parental permission. Under 15 years with parental/guardian accompaniment, depending on the position.
  1. What type of paperwork is involved?
    • Volunteers will be asked to fill out an application form along with an oath of confidentiality. Resumes are welcomed but not required.
    • All volunteers will also be asked to read a short brochure regarding AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) and answer a short series of questions.
  1. How does the orientation and training process work?
    • All volunteers and placement students will meet with the Volunteer Coordinator for an interview. The Volunteer Coordinator will provide a Volunteer Manual for the new candidate to read over and keep for their reference.
    • One on one training will take place with the staff supervisor to ensure volunteers understand their role, responsibilities and feel comfortable.
  1. What are your Covid-19 protocols?
  • All volunteers are thoroughly screened to reduce the potential risk of exposure to our staff, participants and other volunteers. All volunteers will be required to:
    • Sanitize as soon as they arrive
    • Masks must be worn for entirely of shift
    • Take and record their temperature
    • Read and sign off on our Covid agreement.
  1. I am a student can I obtain my 40 community service hours for high school?
    • Yes.
  1. Can volunteers obtain a reference?
    • Longer term volunteers can request a verbal or letter of reference from the Volunteer Coordinator with input from the staff supervisor.
  1. Can volunteers be dismissed from their volunteering?
  • Volunteers and placement students are expected to follow the policies and procedures of the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank. If a volunteer or student placement violates these policies and procedures, we will follow the guideline and process indicated in the Volunteer Manual.