Adult Programs

Cooking & Connecting with Chai and the Cambridge Food Bank

We live in a world that is increasingly isolated and disconnected. With the rise of social media and digital technology, it’s easy to forget the importance of human connection and the benefits that come with being part of a community. That’s why we want to take a moment to acknowledge the work that Chai is doing at the Cambridge Food Bank.

Chai runs an incredible program that not only helps people connect with each other but also teaches them how to make low-cost nutrient-dense snacks and meals.

Here are 5 reasons why engaging with others within your community through activities like cooking can be so beneficial:

  1. Community building: Activities like cooking with others can help you build relationships and connect with people in your community. This sense of connection and belonging is crucial for our mental and emotional well-being.

  2. Learning new skills: Participating in cooking activities can help you learn new skills and techniques, as well as gain knowledge about healthy eating and nutrition.

  3. Nutrition: Cooking with others can be a great way to prepare healthy, cost-effective meals as everyone can contribute their knowledge and experience. 

  4. Fun and enjoyable: Cooking with others can be a fun and enjoyable activity, especially when you are working together towards a common goal. It can help you feel more relaxed, engaged, and fulfilled.

  5. Improved mental health: Engaging in activities with others has been shown to improve mental health outcomes, such as reducing stress and increasing feelings of happiness and well-being.

Participant Creations

Participant Testimonials

We’ve heard great testimonials from the participants of the adult programming here at the Cambridge Food Bank. We encourage everyone to take advantage of opportunities to engage with others within their community, whether it’s through cooking or other activities.

Have questions or would like to register?  Contact Chai at 519-622-6550 ext 220 or cmaybhate@cambridgefoodbank.org

Molly’s Gluten-Free and Lactose-Free Pancakes

Deliciously Made with Lentils and Rice for a Healthier Breakfast Option

We recently received a wonderful review from one of our program participants at Cambridge Food Bank, Molly. After taking part in our Wellness program, Molly was able to create a delicious and healthy meal for her entire family using the raw lentils and rice from our resource bag.

 Chai….You have shown me an amazing way of living healthily on a budget”

Molly soaked the lentils and rice and used the batter to make crepes with no oil, yeast, or sugar. Her whole family loved the meal, and Molly was thrilled with her experiment. Not only was the meal tasty, but it was also protein-rich and cost only $3-6 for a family of four!

This is just one example of the many benefits of our Wellness programs. We aim to provide participants with the knowledge and resources they need to create healthy and nutritious meals that support food restrictions and dietary needs. Our program emphasizes the use of affordable and accessible ingredients, such as raw lentils and rice, to help participants save money and reduce food waste.

By taking part in our Wellness program, participants like Molly can gain the skills and confidence they need to make healthy choices for themselves and their families. Whether you’re looking to create a low-budget meal or adhere to specific dietary restrictions, our program can provide you with the knowledge and tools to do so.

So why not give our Wellness program a try? You never know what delicious and healthy meal you’ll create next!


Have questions or would like to register?  Contact Chai at 519-622-6550 ext 220 or cmaybhate@cambridgefoodbank.org

4 Budget-Friendly Tips On Eating Healthy With Diabetes

Living with diabetes can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re feeling stressed out about choosing the right foods for your Diabetes-friendly diet because you’ve got limited funds to spend at the grocery store, read on for 4 budget-friendly tips on eating healthy with Diabetes.

Make a List Before You Shop

The next time you go grocery shopping, take the time to make a list. It’s common knowledge that shopping with a list saves you time and money in the store. This is because you aren’t as likely to make impulse purchases when you’re shopping from a list. Making fewer impulse buys also means you’re more likely to stick to the healthy foods that are on your list.

Buy Healthy Foods On-Sale & Freeze

One great tip is to buy the more expensive – but healthy – foods in bulk when they go on sale. Then prepare and freeze it at home for future use. It’s a great way to save money while ensuring you get the most bang for your buck at the store. And don’t sweat it – your frozen fruits & veggies retain their goodness in the freezer because they’re frozen at their ideal ripeness. Plus you can wait for weeks or months before you use them and reduce the waste of uneaten food. It’s a win-win for your health and your wallet.

Pre-Plan & Prepare Your Meals At Home

One important way to eat healthy with Diabetes is to pre-plan and prepare your meals ahead of time at home. This will save you money and you’ll be less likely to opt for less-than-healthy take-out food options when you’re hungry. Because eating healthy meals when you have Diabetes is so important, eating fast food often can seriously impact your health.

You can also buy fresh fruits, vegetables and meats and cut them up at home. This will save you money, versus buying the pre-cut foods at the supermarket.

Plan Your Leftovers

When you make too much food, you’re going to have leftovers. But that’s not a bad thing! Leftovers can be used in all sorts of creative recipes that won’t aggravate your Diabetes.

If you cook too much healthy food, you can reallocate that extra lean chicken breast or soup for another meal the next day or even later in the week. Freeze extra foods and get creative with healthy recipes that can utilize the additional food you have left over from today’s meal.

Eating healthy can be expensive if you’re not careful while shopping, but with a little planning ahead you can reign in your food budget and achieve your healthy-eating goals. Take some time this week to sit down, make a list, and plan out your Diabetes-friendly meals for the week. Your body (and your doctor) will thank you. Just don’t forget to splurge on healthy treats every now and then too, because you deserve it!