The Cambridge Food Bank offers food and support to people and community groups in need within Cambridge and North Dumfries.

Healthy People

Beginning before birth and continuing throughout an individual’s life, poverty and food insecurity, significantly impacts health. Families living on a low income are often not able to afford fresh food, like fruit and vegetables, which play a key role in maintaining good health. As a result, many low income families have to rely on food that is inexpensive and filling, rather than food that is high in nutrients. With this in mind, it is our goal to increase access to fresh and nutritious food.

Social isolation impacts both physical and mental health, can increase both the aging process and reduce quality of life. Seeing people holistically, we offer a broad range of nutrition and wellness programming for the whole family. A weekly community meal uses food to bring people together, fostering independence through interdependence. Our community kitchen and wellness hub are places of welcome that support people to share skills and knowledge while developing social connections and relationships of trust. While food is at the heart of what we do- we are distinctly “more than a food bank”

Connected Community

Environmental Sustainability

The way we treat the earth today will affect the lives of generations to come. The Cambridge Food Bank is committed to caring for our environment, this includes diverting good food from the landfill through food rescue efforts as well partnering with local farmers, gardeners, and land stewards. In partnership with community groups, the Cambridge Food Bank grows more than 10,000 pounds of organic produce that is shared amoungst those who are experiencing food insecurity. Locally grown food helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contributes to reducing our carbon footprint.

Food For All

Our Good Food Principles Mean That We Will:


Increase the amount of nutrient dense food offered throughout our programs.

Support Local.

We will support our local food producers by purchasing local food whenever financially possible.

Quality Matters.

We will reject donations of sub-standard food that doesn't pass our quality check.

Aware of Needs.

We will regularly assess the needs, tastes, and preferences of those we serve and ensure that we offer food that meets special dietary and cultural needs.

Broad Involvement.

We will grow our own food in partnership with community gardens, schools or community groups and we will invite those we serve to participate in growing food and seed saving as a way to increase their food skills, activity levels and social capital/inclusion.

Environmental Priorities.

We will be environmental stewards by diverting fresh, good food from the landfill through programming and through food rescue efforts and by implementing the Best Before Date Policy for food distribution to make sure that good food is fully utilized by those that need it. We will also dispose of food waste responsibly by participating in a green bin program and by composting. We also recycle containers and other non-food items as part of our ecological commitment.

Using Guidance.

When purchasing non-perishable food, we will be guided by the Best Buys using Canada’s Food Guide

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