To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to let you know what the Cambridge Food Bank Mobile Food Market (MFM) has meant to me.

I started going to the MFM around the time it first started, at least when I first heard about it.  It was during covid.  At the time, I was going through chemotherapy.  Going out to the MFM was the only time that I went out during the week that didn’t have to do with medical appointments.  I slept most of the time.  I barely had any energy to go anywhere.  Going to a grocery store would have been too much for me to handle.  I was also significantly immunocompromised so I couldn’t be around a lot of people.  It was all that I could handle to get myself to the MFM.  

Everyone was very nice and helpful.  These were the only people that I saw in a week, and it was refreshing to see such pleasantness, since I wasn’t feeling very pleasant or upbeat myself.

My sister would pick up a few odd groceries for me, but the fruits and vegetables that I got from the MFM were basically my staples.  I think the healthy food that I got from the MFM helped me in my recovery from cancer.  I ate more fruits and vegetables than I would have had I been left to my own devices.

Since I started getting sick I have also had to quit my job and go on ODSP.  As my oncologist said “this is your new full time job.”  I am sure that everyone is aware that ODSP is basically a starvation income.  The MFM has helped me to have healthy food that I would not have been able to afford otherwise.

To sum up my experience with the MFM…It has literally been a lifesaver.

Thank you

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