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At the Cambridge Food Bank, a remarkable transformation takes place. What starts as rescued produce needing a second chance turns into delicious preserves that not only sustain our participants year-round but also generate vital funds for our cause. In this blog post, we had the pleasure of speaking with Vi, the Food Rescue Coordinator, who shared the inspiring story behind the Cambridge Food Bank’s venture into the world of preserves.

Rescuing and Creating

Using fruits and vegetables, Vi and her team carefully handcraft a variety of mouthwatering jams, sauces, and relishes. By preserving these flavours, they not only prevent waste but also create products that capture the essence of seasonal abundance. Each jar tells a story of generosity, sustainability, and culinary delight. 

Seasonal Abudance

With an abundance of carrots, apples, pears, and other seasonal produce pouring in, Vi worked her magic, turning them into delectable sauces, jams, and relishes. From the mouthwatering carrot cake jam to the tangy dill pickles, the Cambridge Food Bank preserves became a testament to Vi’s culinary skills and resourcefulness.

Embracing Change and Learning

Making preserves dates back to 1795.  With changing regulations and advancements in preservation techniques, Vi embraces the opportunity to expand her knowledge. She’s learned the importance of maintaining proper temperatures, following correct procedures, and adapting recipes to suit modern standards and different produce characteristics.

The Sweet Taste of Success

The pride that Vi takes in her preserves comes from the joy she experiences when receiving positive feedback. The absence of additives in Cambridge Food Bank preserves ensures a healthier alternative for consumers. Vi’s commitment to creating natural, wholesome products stems from her desire to provide her own children with additive-free options and inspired her to master the art of homemade cooking.

Looking Ahead

Vi’s future interests lie in pressure canning, allowing her to explore new avenues and expand the Cambridge Food Bank’s preserves collection. She emphasizes the importance of understanding consumer preferences and ensuring food safety. By actively seeking feedback and conducting taste tests, Vi believes that the Cambridge Food Bank can continue to grow in popularity.

Heartwarming Stories and Shared Culture

Vi’s dedication to her work has fostered a sense of community among the volunteers. Through sharing knowledge and experiences, cultural differences have been embraced, bringing people closer together. The volunteers, eager to make a difference, leave the kitchen with a sense of fulfillment and return time and time again.

A Legacy of Compassion

When envisioning the future, Vi emphasizes the Cambridge Food Bank’s longstanding history and the commitment of its volunteers. Since her involvement in 1988, Vi’s family has played a vital role in supporting the organization. Looking ahead, she hopes that new volunteers will be welcomed with open arms, carrying forward the knowledge and passion for feeding those in need.


Vi’s journey at the Cambridge Food Bank exemplifies the power of resourcefulness, creativity, and compassion.  With each jar sold, the Cambridge Food Bank preserves continue to sustain participants, generate funds for programming, and remind us of the impact that a simple act of kindness can have on a community.

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