More than a Food Bank

Community Impact


Think that the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank is only a food bank? Think again!
In addition to our food security and individual, family, and community programs, we also deliver a range of supports and initiatives that create opportunities for children and families, build relationships and community connections, and help people experiencing poverty through some of the harder times of the year. In short, these supports are works of the heart.

Christmas and Holiday Support

Each year the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank provides families in Cambridge and North Dumfries with everything they need to host a holiday meal with friends and loved ones.

Virtual Programs

With COVID-19 we transitioned our programs from in-person to virtually. These programs are based around nutrition and healthy eating on a budget. We have virtual programs for adults and children. Programs are completely free to join and run monthly. For information on current programming, please contact Laura, or 519-622-6550 ext. 206

Food Bank Gardens

From field to Food Bank to fork, our gardens are about more than food. This is our community growing food for our community.

We know that hunger is real for far too many people in Cambridge and North Dumfries. We see our gardens not only as a source of fresh, organic, healthy, and local food, but also as places of opportunity to gain new skills, achieve greater physical, mental, and spiritual health, and build new relationships that break down social barriers.

Our gardens don’t just feed people in our community. They feed community.

To learn more about the Food Bank Gardens, contact Siobhan at extension 202 or email us at