The kitchen is not only a place of culinary delights but also a hub of family connections and treasured memories. Involving children in the kitchen can be an enriching experience that benefits the entire family. Today, we share a heartwarming story from a family who shares the benefits gained by participating in our child and youth programs with Vanessa, our Youth Action Coordinator. 

“Vanessa knows many of these stories as I make it a point to tell her how amazing her programs are. My favourite story was when I told my daughter that dinner was going to be late and she should have a snack. I had thought she would just go into her shack cupboard and get an applesauce or granola bar but, instead, she made little pizzas for the whole family. She had learned this technique from Vanessa at one of her events wherein she used English muffins for pizza crusts. The mini pizzas hit the spot with everyone and relieved the stress on me to get dinner on the table a.s.a.p..

Vanessa has also been sharing some of the meals passed down through her eastern European family. My mother had a Hungarian grandmother, and Vanessa’s recipe for chicken and dumplings has now become a family favourite. It brought back many memories from my mother’s childhood and replaced a long-lost recipe to our family.”

As we celebrate the culinary adventures of our youth cooking programs, we see their presence brings joy, creativity, and a fresh perspective to the table. By involving children in meal preparation, we nurture their independence, revive family traditions, and foster healthy habits. 

Our programs continue to support our mission of building health and belonging through food.

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