Welcome to the first installment in our series on environmental sustainability! At the Cambridge Food Bank, we believe in being more than just a food bank. We strive to empower our community to make meaningful changes, starting with tackling food waste. Did you know that the average Canadian household throws away about $1,766 worth of food each year? That’s not just money down the drain—it’s also a significant environmental issue. But fear not, because there are simple steps you can take to make a difference.

Planning Meals for the Week

One of the best ways to reduce food waste is by planning your meals ahead of time. Take a few minutes each week to think about what you’ll be eating and make a shopping list accordingly. This not only helps you avoid buying more than you need but also ensures that you use up ingredients before they go bad.

Embrace Leftovers

Leftovers often get a bad rap, but they can be a lifesaver when it comes to reducing food waste. Get creative with your leftovers by incorporating them into new meals or packing them for lunch the next day. Remember, food that ends up in the trash is not only a waste of money but also a waste of resources.

Take Inventory Before Shopping

Before heading to the grocery store, take a quick inventory of what you already have in your fridge and pantry.  Take a picture of each as this will help you avoid buying duplicate items and ensure that you use up perishable goods before they spoil. Plus, it’s a great way to save time and money!


Despite our best efforts, there may still be some food waste that cannot be avoided. Instead of tossing it in the trash, consider composting it instead. Composting not only reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills but also produces nutrient-rich soil for your garden. Check out this link to learn more about composting in the Cambridge area: Composting Guide.

By implementing these simple strategies, you can make a big impact on reducing food waste in your home and helping the environment.

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